About Us

Amazing Puglia srl provides thoroughly planned, unique and off-the-beaten-path vacation experiences designed to give travelers peace of mind, while maintaining professionalism and a friendly atmosphere. We offer guided tours in Puglia as main destination .We largely emphasizing small-town and rural attractions. We also work with travel group leaders to create custom tours for private groups, including travel clubs, banks, schools, reunions, community and senior centers, and other organizations.

Headquartered in Taranto, Puglia, Italy, we offer upscale customised private tours for individuals and groups visiting our region and a great selection of quality 4 and 5 star hotel or boutique hotel accommodation. As well as tailor made group tours we offer sightseeing, touring chauffeur driven tours with motor coach hire, self drive, train reservations and theatre and event tickets with restaurant recommendations and much more. From the moment our guests arrive in the country, we’ll deal with all the necessary planning and logistics. We also have a lot of experience providing memorable itineraries that combine famous sites with real local flavour.

We pride ourselves on our expertise at organising customised luxury experiences that offer tailor-made holidays in our amazing Puglia.

Come to us with your ideas ! Each client is assisted by a travel specialist who can suggest various itineraries for a unique and memorable holiday.

We also offer peace of mind: our representative will be available at all times during your trip to deal with any unforeseen problems that might occur.

We believe that organized big motor-coach tours are not for you. After flying across the ocean to have a journey of a lifetime, the last thing you want is to spend 40 hours per week on a bus. Besides, these tours rush you away from the most interesting places and put you in poor quality hotels. We don’t. With us, you stay at the best hotels in the best cities. We arrange the best transportation for you, including private transfers and high-speed trains. With us, you have a choice of traveling on a private basis or with a small group of 16 like-minded people.

We organize our tours ourselves and work with local suppliers. This is how we ensure the quality and get great rates. We pass many of the savings to our customers by offering the unmatched value for their money.

We improve our tours every year based on our clients’ feedback. This is exactly why offer the best tours at the best rates.

Since Puglia is our only destination and we are locals, our knowledge of the region is unique and we have privileged contacts and agreements with our service and accomodation providers.

Puglia is our main destination for groups and individuals, mainly because of our excellent cooperation with best local service providers. We are very pleased with their service and expertise.

Because of the excellent cooperation we are able to offer also tailor-made tours with unique experiences for both incentive and cultural groups.

We use the full force of our accumulated expertise, local knowledge, and connections to make sure you have the kind of trip that you can’t stop talking about!

If you are interested in Puglia as a new and unspoiled destination in Italy, please contact us for further details and itinenaries at info@amazingpuglia.eu.