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Altamura It is an interesting little city located inland on the way to Matera.

It claims to fame thanks to Altamura Man, the perfectly preserved 400,000 year old skeleton of a pre-Neanderthalian hominid discovered in a limestone cave near the town. No less important, however, it is Altamura’s bread. Il pane, the bread, is one of the best product in this area! It is calle the world’s best bread!

It is made of the best quality durum wheat and follows an ancient traditional recipe. The Murgia water and dry air give to the bread a rich and earthy flavor. It was nothing like any bread you had ever tasted! The crumb was yellow, slightly moist and, at the same time, fluffy and very aerated.

Since 2003, Altamura bread has been designated as DOP (Protected Designation of Origin) by European Union. The DOP regulations say that the crust must be at least 3 mm thick. And it is said taht few years ago, Mc Donald’s opened a restaurant there, but after few months it decided to shut its doors.

Inhabitants preferred the local bread and focaccia to its sandwiches! With us, you can visit an ancient bakery where they’ll show us how to make a tasty bread and we’ll have a light lunch with local yummy focaccia.