As Tour Operator based in Puglia, we let you explore the long heel of Italy’s boot to discover sights, tastes, and amazing seascapes and landscapes you’ll find nowhere else!


Bari with its lively old town and beautiful architecture; Bari boasts a long seafront promenade which leads from Bari Vecchia (Bari’s old town) to the more modern shopping district, built on an octagonal plan in the early 19th century by Joachim Murat, Napoleon’s brother-in-law.

In Bari’s old town you can stroll with us and our guides through the charming narrow streets of this picturesque city center and visit the San Sabino Cathedral, the Swabian Castle, and the impressive Basilica of San Nicola, one of the main destination for Orthodox Christians as it houses St. Nicola’s relics.

Joining us, you can chance upon what it’s called “La via delle Orecchiette”: a lively alleyways where Italian mamas make orecchiette fresh pasta in the street and the fishermen’s port where you will walk along the seafront and discover the Art Nouveau architecture of the Murattiano distrct.

And certainly you can taste the delicious ‘ focaccia barese’ and have great shopping.