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Cisternino a pretty small town

Its whitewashed houses, narrow, shady streets, historic churches and elegant piazza open out onto a series of panoramic view points from which visitors can admire the Valle d’Itria countryside, with its rolling hills, dry stone walls and white trulli.

It is pleasant to visit at any time of day, but on a summer’s evening as the sun sets and the locals come out for their passeggiata (stroll) Cisternino is quaint and magical.

Usually, you don’t need to go to a restaurant to eat in Cisternino, as the town is famous for its barbecuing butchers! We call it Fornello Pronto! You can choose your meat (better our local speciality bombette, little meat parcels filled with minced ham and cheese ) and take a seat outside with a jug of local wine. The butcher will then barbecue your meats and bring them out to you when ready!

A truly local (and delicious) eating experience!With us you will add a gourmet experience visiting the firm where the renowed Capocollo DOP is produced. We’ll have a tasting of homemade cured meats, 100% made in Puglia!