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Massafra & the ravines

The Parco delle Gravine, a National Natural Reserve rich not only in natural beauties but also in traditions, history and legends. The National park includes the towns of Massafra, Laterza, Castellaneta, Ginosa, Grottaglie and Crispiano. Every town were built on a ravine or ravine slope. Ravines, the most spectacular canyons in Europe, are details that make Apulia an even more valuable destination!

Since the Neolithicage, Mother Nature has carved long canyons into the stones; here local people created their unique homes. These houses together to the rupestrian churches exploited the stable microclimate inside the rock, becoming often a part of the areas used to grow. Today these ancient rock churches are real gems of the natural and cultural Apulian heritage.

Guided trekking trails in Parco delle Gravine will let you in evocative places such as the ravine of San Marco and Madonna della Scala Church, the Bona Nova sanctuary with its splendid frescoes and cave art. You will visit the mysterious Cyclops Cave and the ancient rocky village with more than 200 houses dating back to the Bronze Age.

You will wander in the pharmacy of a magician called Greguro with its 12 caves where you’ll find workshop tables, pits, drying rooms, canals and hundreds of small niches especially carved in the rock and used as shelves for potions and medicinal herbs. You will be astonished by the Riggio Ravine: a rock settlement with an amazing waterfall, lake and torrent that will let you in an elf and fairy tale.